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  • Blue Fish Apartments in Sifnos
    Blue Fish
    A wonderful stay experience on Sifnos
  • Rooms in Sifnos near the sea
    comfort, cleanliness and freshness take centre stage
  • Accommodation in Sifnos
    The colours of the Cyclades
    adorn the premises
  • Veranda with view of the garden
    And the garden’s trees and flowers,
    complete an idyllic setting
we welcome you to Sifnos

and Platis Gialos

Right here, along one of the largest beaches of Sifnos, lies Blue Fish. Rental apartments, fully equipped, each of their own vibe and name, inspired from the sea world.

So take a pick from asterias, kavouras, melanouri, perka, sardela, scorpina and xifias. Each one pretty on its own yet in total equipped with all modern conveniences as well as a balcony with garden views.

The lodgings lie amidst an estate of large olive trees that provide generous shade, aromatic herbs and colourful flowers of the Cyclades, at a short distance from the beach of Platis Gialos, though pleasantly dodging the clatter of everyday buzz.

The facilities of the Blue Fish apartments in Sifnos

“Taste” Sifnian hospitality

Platis Gialos

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